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Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

This is a complicated question. Cornerstone Center works to develop each child to the fullest potential and our students have a high rate of success in elementary school. We recognize that each child develops individually and many develop unevenly. For this reason, excellent elementary schools are welcoming and supportive of all kinds of 5-and-6 year-olds. In other words, the best kindergartens are ready for children, instead of expecting children to be ready for kindergarten.

Unfortunately, in many schools the curriculum has been "pushed down" from higher grades, requiring children to sit for extended periods and to do tasks more challenging than appropriate for kindergartners.

We recommend that parents attempt to place their children in schools which provide developmentally appropriate environments for primary age students. The St. Louis Public Schools system has several magnet schools with programs similar to Cornerstone Center's, and many other schools which make an effort to meet the developmental needs of kindergartners.

To be sure that you have found an appropriate kindergarten setting, plan a visit to a classroom in any school you are considering. Ask yourself whether your child would be comfortable and successful in that classroom. If not, keep looking!

At Cornerstone Center, the summer before children enter kindergarten, most are eligible to participate in a special kindergarten transition program known as the High Risers. This program is designed to reduce the anxiety associated with change and to help youngsters construct an understanding of the kindergarten experience.