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My child is 18 months old. When will the school begin toilet training?

Cornerstone Center provides all diapers for children during their hours of attendance, in order to reduce stress on families. For this reason, parents need not rush toilet training.

Most children are not physically ready for this process until well after their second birthdays, and many are closer to three before their bodies are ready. Three good indicators that it's time to start toilet training are:

1. The child remains dry for long periods of time.
2. The child is able to manage clothing independently.
3. The child reports when his/her diaper is wet or soiled.

When your youngster has mastered the three steps above, Cornerstone Center will work with your family to make sure the toilet training process is smooth and successful.
There's a mean kid in my child's classroom; why is s/he allowed to stay at this school?

Cornerstone Center believes that all children deserve quality care and education. Sometimes the youngsters who need it most are the hardest to handle. We feel a special obligation to help such children and their families. We do require that parents of a challenging child be involved in an active process of seeking help to improve the situation. In the meantime, we will do everything possible to safeguard the welfare of your child.