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I never see anyone punishing a child at Cornerstone Center. How do you expect children to learn right from wrong?

At Cornerstone Center, we believe that children learn right from wrong by observing the results of their actions ("Look at Meghan's face--she's sad! You hurt her when you hit her."), and by talking about better solutions to problems ("Hitting people is not okay--tell Meghan you want a turn with the doll when she's done."), and by accepting the natural consequences of their actions. ("It looks like Meghan doesn't want to play with you right now--sometimes when you hit people, they're angry at you for a while.")

This research-based approach is very different from traditional punishment, which simply makes children angry at the adult and allows them to direct their attention away from the real problem.

Over time, children can develop internal self-control and begin to solve their problems without adult pressure or control.

Please note: Parents and other family members are expected to honor our disciplinary methods while on Cornerstone property. Children may not be threatened, yelled at, humiliated, nor hit on the grounds of the Center. Any such problems will be reported to the Office immediately.