Give STL Ambassadors Help Raise $47,000 for Cornerstone

We at Cornerstone are overcome with gratitude for the generosity of our Give STL Day Ambassadors, anonymous match contributors, and donors. Together, you raised an incredible $47 thousand through Give STL Day 2022, setting a Cornerstone record for this event and helping Cornerstone place 8th out of over a thousand participating organizations. Our Ambassadors’ work creating this day’s success will have an immeasurable impact providing high-quality care and education for our children who have so much potential.

What is Give STL Day?

Give STL Day is a 24-hour, online day-of-giving event, designed to ignite the spirit of giving across the region and support causes in the St. Louis area where we live, work, and play. Since inception in 2014, Give STL Day has raised over $21.5 million for regional nonprofits in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

In the past 3 years, Cornerstone Ambassadors have helped to raise over $107,000 through personal fundraising pages for Give STL Day. This support ensures that at-risk infants, toddlers and preschool-age children receive the strong start needed to enter kindergarten on track with their peers. Meanwhile, parents are able to better their financial situation by attending school or work with the knowledge that their children are safe and cared for.

Interested in being a Cornerstone Ambassador for 2023?

Email to sign up!

What is a personal fundraising page?
A personal fundraising page is a way for you to show support for Cornerstone annually during Give STL Day (date for 2023 TBA). Create your own fundraiser, set a fundraising goal, and then encourage your network of families, friends, and colleagues to support your favorite organization by sharing your fundraiser’s URL via email, social media, or text.

Give STL Day Ambassador Guide

How to Create Your Personal Fundraising Page
(Ability to do so will open a month before Give STL Day 2023)

1. Visit

4. Click ‘Fundraise’ on the top right of Cornerstone’s profile page. (If you are viewing it on a mobile device, scroll down and tap the large plus sign to create a fundraiser.)

5. If you have a donor account, login to proceed. If you do not already have an account, click ‘Create Profile’ at the top left corner of the screen and follow the prompts. If you’re unsure if you have previously created an account, click ‘Forgot Password’ and type in your email address to verify.

6. Provide some information about your campaign, then click ‘Save Fundraiser’ to publish. You’ll receive an email with the URL and relevant information. (Tips: Be sure to include your name in the title of your fundraiser, for example “Andy’s Fundraiser for Cornerstone”. Also, if need a picture for your page, you can choose from many at

7. Fundraisers are only successful when they’re shared! Copy your Fundraiser’s unique URL to share with family, friends and other contacts in email and posts to social media.

Thank you for joining our team as a Cornerstone Ambassador for Give STL Day! Happy Fundraising!

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