Our Mission

To provide quality, comprehensive, and affordable childcare and preschool education in a nurturing, creative environment for St. Louis-area families of all economic backgrounds.

Early Childhood Education

Our Services

  • Year-round, non-profit early childhood education and care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years, Monday-Friday
  • A need-based tuition assistance program
  • An experienced team of staff and faculty, some of whom have been with us for more than 30 years
  • Two meals and a snack for every child, every day
  • Provided childcare essentials such as diapers, wipes, infant formula, and baby food in addition to food, clothes, toys, and books, among other donated items
  • Health screenings including medical, dental, vision, hearing, and developmental. In addition, we offer free, on-site therapy to assist with speech, physical, and occupational development
  • Two gated playgrounds, in addition to an indoor multi-purpose room
  • Endorsements, accreditations, and awards for early childhood education and child care from the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the Better Business Bureau, Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis, as well as Y.W.C.A. Head Start

Our Families

In one year, Cornerstone serves:

  • 204 children from 170 families, aged 6 weeks to 5 years
  • Working households with an annual income under $20,000 (41% ), as well as under $30,000 (62%)
  • Families who pay no tuition per state income guidelines (45% ), as well as families who pay $1 – $25 week (12%)
  • African American (52% ), Caucasian (32% ), Multi-racial (10%), and Hispanic children (5%), as well as children of other ethnic groups (1%)
  • Single-parent households (49%)
  • Households from St. Louis city (84%), St. Louis County (14% ), St. Charles County (1% ), and Illinois (1%)
  • Children who receive on site developmental therapies (17% )
  • Children in foster care (8%)

Our Funding

As a non-profit, our funds come from:

  • Government Contracts (such as those from State Assistance and USDA): 42%
  • Tuition and Enrollment Fees:  31%
  • United Way Support:  13%
  • Fundraising, Special Events, and other Philanthropic Support: 14%

View our 2020 990 here and our 2019 990 here.

Our Friends

Cornerstone works with many organizations, such as PS Kids, Brightside St. Louis, and St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. In addition, we also work with programs such as Healthy Kids Express at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Positive Support for Kids, St. Louis University’s Micah House Project, and Ready Readers.