Give STL Day Ambassador Guide | How to Create Your Campaign

  1. If you have not already, first visit our Give STL Day event page to read through the basics and frequently asked questions associated with Cornerstone’s Give STL Day campaign.
  2. When you are ready to create your campaign, visit this link, then click “Create Campaign”.
  3. Click the orange button that says “Create Profile” (unless you already have a profile to log in with from previous years, which case you can just log in using your credentials). Create your profile and be sure to save your login credentials in case you would like to edit your campaign or make a donation later.
  4. You’ll arrive at a page that says “My Account”. Under Campaign Details, fill in the Title section with a name for your campaign. (Others have chosen to use titles such as “Scott’s Campaign for Cornerstone” or “Jenni’s Fundraiser for Cornerstone“. You can use whatever you like.)
  5. Next, enter the URL link that you would like to use. (Others have entered URL links such as or, but you can use whatever you like.) Make sure you jot your URL link down so that you can share your campaign page with friends later.
  6. Then, fill in the Summary section. This can be a summary of your involvement with Cornerstone, what Cornerstone does, and why it’s important to you. (If you would prefer to just copy and paste something, feel free to use the italicized text that follows): I have been a volunteer and donor with Cornerstone for some time and am asking for your help raising needed funds during the Covid-19 crisis. Cornerstone Center for Early Learning is an essential organization for families in St. Louis that provides early childhood education, care and support for families at all income levels and of all backgrounds across the St. Louis region. I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Cornerstone and the children and families they serve.
  7. After filling in your summary section, choose a photo for your Campaign Page Photo. You can use a photo of yourself at Cornerstone, a photo from our FB page, or any other photo that you like. (If you want to skip this step, that’s okay! The Cornerstone logo will be automatically shown in the photo space.)
  8. Next, fill in the Personal Appeal section. Here, you can put whatever personal appeal you would like your friends to see. Here’s an example of a personal appeal: All gifts to Cornerstone (up to $20,000) will be matched by a generous donor. Thank you for your gift to help us reach our goal!
  9. Then, go to the Campaign Video section. You can either skip this section or if you like, you can copy and paste the URL below to include the Cornerstone video on your campaign page:
  10. After that, fill in the Campaign Goal section. Your goal should be whatever amount you believe you will be able to realistically raise by asking 5 friends or family members for donations. There is no “right” or “wrong” amount to set for your goal. Do whatever amount feels right for you.
  11. Where it says “This is for Gives Day”, click “yes”. (This part may already be automatically selected. If so, just skip.)
  12. Finally, click “Publish Campaign”
  13. Last but not least, it’s time to start sharing your campaign! Wait 4 hours (it takes a little while for your URL to start working), then reach your goal of procuring donations from at least 5 different people by sending the URL you created in step #5 to friends and family requesting that they support your campaign. (If you would like to make a contribution to your own campaign, that would count for one of your goal of 5 donations.)

Thank you for joining our team as a Cornerstone Ambassador for Give STL Day! Happy Fundraising!

Thank you to our Cornerstone Ambassadors!