Our Administrative, Teaching, and Kitchen Staff

Our staff of child care, non profit, and food service talents represents some of the best of St. Louis. Some of our staff have only been with us for a year or two, while some have been with us for more than 30. Yet all are near the top of their field in terms of both skill and quality. But above all else, what we pride all our administrative, teaching, and kitchen staff on the most is their commitment to not just their careers, but to our cause. We are proud of all our staff and their dedication to our children, as well as all of the hard work they do every day.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch. If you would like to get in touch with our teaching or kitchen staff, please ask an administrator in the list below to put you in touch.

Our Administrators

Tracey Dorenbusch

Office Manager
(314) 865-5244 ext. 100


Ta’Lisha Franklin

Center Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 117


Toni Jackson

Program Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 119


Karen Lucy

Executive Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 131


Raniesha Young

Office Coordinator
(314) 865-5244 ext. 118

Markie Hempen

Office and Operations Assistant
(314) 865-5244 ext. 133


Carissa McCleery

Business Manager
(314) 865-5244 ext. 132
Board Member 2009-2016


Jami Melton

Development Specialist
(314) 865-5244 ext. 132


Dani Smith

Development Director
(314) 865-5244 ext. 134

Our Teachers


The Ducks
LaRonda Lewis

The Lambs
Briana Causey
Pauline Coleman

The Penguins
Christina Buckley
Marian Crane



The Pandas
Michelle Campbell

The Puffins
Adrian Brown


Two Year Olds

The Bunnies
Jeanette Johnson
Toni Moore

The Teddy Bears
Angel Booker
Doris Leachman

2 ½ – 3 ½ Year Olds

The Blue Jays
Jenna Cerbone
Shanta Scott

The Bears
Yazmine Bonner
Wendy Robinson


3 to 5 Year Olds (Preschool)

The Lions
Weston Lundy
Kathy Podor

The Tigers
Vanessa Anthony
Debbie Novara


Classroom Facilitators

Gina DeRoy
Alicia Lovan
Kara Richey
Hallie Schlereth
Shalaia Vaughn

Our Kitchen Staff

Alice Washington, Nutrition Specialist
CC Mason, Nutrition Assistant