Friends of Cornerstone Center

An Opportunity for Young Professionals at Cornerstone Center

The Friends of Cornerstone Center are a group of caring young professionals who are eager to support non-profit early childhood education and care in St. Louis. Throughout the year, the Friends raise awareness and fundraise for Cornerstone Center by planning events such as the annual Fall Fundraiser every November. They also put on many other friend and fundraising events throughout the year.

The Friends vary in age and career paths. While some of our friends are in their 20s and 30s, still others are in their 40s. The Friends also work in a variety of careers. Some of them work in fields such as graphic design, while others work as teachers. Despite their differences, the Friends are united in their support for Cornerstone Center, and they work together to help us, our children, and our families through thick and thin.

If you’re interested in joining the Friends of Cornerstone Center, or if you’d just like to learn more, please contact Dani Smith, Director of Development, at


The Friends of Cornerstone Committee

Claryssa Haugrud, Co-Chair – Express Scripts
Lauren Kirk, Co-Chair  – Label Insight
Audrey Ball – Bayer Crop Science
Naida Bukvic – Express Scripts
Jess Burgess – PGAV Destinations
Brian Griffin – The Boeing Company
Tyler Kirk – SKY Marketing Consultants, LLC
Nick Mantia – Paradowski Creative
Kathy Podor, Teacher Liaison – Cornerstone Center for Early Learning
Kristen Scott – St. Louis Public Schools
Landon Vance – Ungerboeck Software

Young Professionals at Cornerstone Center