Age Group: 24 months to 36 months
Licensed Ratio: 1 teacher to 8 students
Schedule: 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday

Two-Year-Old Program Goals in Areas of Development:

  • Social
    To help children feel comfortable in school, trust their learning environment, make friends, and feel they are a part of the group. Dramatic play encourages the two-year-old child to learn about their interests and abilities. They experiment with role-playing while making sense of what they observe. Teacher ask leading questions, model, and encourage appropriate social interactions.
  • Emotional
    To help children experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life. Teachers help two-year-olds by identifying emotions and discussing feelings. 
  • Cognitive
    To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas, learn from their failures, and experience success. Children acquire skills such as the ability to solve problems and the use of words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings. Daily lesson plans offer two-year-olds opportunities to explore their indoor and outdoor classrooms. In this age group, direct contact with various art materials is important. Messy play opportunities increase children’s sensory awareness and understanding. Offering the children choices is imperative to their confidence, comprehension, and cognitive development. Small group experiences, books, and music lead to stronger language skills.
  • Physical
    To help children increase their large and small muscle skills as well as feel confident about their bodies. Art experiences, toys, games, and meal times offer opportunities to strengthen fine motor skills such as holding, building, grasping, painting, and drawing. Indoor and outdoor classroom spaces allow two-year-olds safe areas to walk, climb, balance, dig, and run with confidence.

Cornerstone also offers an extensive set of curricular enhancements to in-class programming. See details here.

We invite prospective parents to learn more about early childhood development and milestones with the CDC resource here.

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