Thank You!

On Give STL Day 2020, over 200 Cornerstone friends joined together and raised an incredible $49,271.80 for Cornerstone!

Through donations at, Facebook, and directly to Cornerstone, you helped us surpass our original goal of $20k by over 9 thousand dollars. Everyone who generously participated went above and beyond to secure the $20k match being offered by a generous anonymous donor.

This success would not have been possible without our wonderful team of Ambassadors doing the hard work of spreading the word and finding support. What you do for Cornerstone is truly amazing.

What was Give STL Day?
Give STL Day was a 24-hour, online day-of-giving event on May 7, 2020. The day was designed to ignite the spirit of giving across the region and support causes in the St. Louis area, where we live, work, and play. 

What is Cornerstone Center for Early Learning?
Cornerstone Center for Early Learning provides licensed, award-winning, and affordable childcare and pre-kindergarten education for working families of all economic backgrounds. Cornerstone empowers parents and guardians to remain in the workforce or pursue additional education while enabling children and families to experience diversity and to embrace the understanding and acceptance that follows. Learn more here.

What was Cornerstone’s goal for Give STL Day?
To help address the financial challenges that have come up as a result of COVID-19. Our biggest annual fundraiser, the Celebration for Children gala, was postponed until July and mandated closure of our facility made collection of regular funding sources uncertain. Through Give STL Day, we aimed to raise $40,000 toward this goal. A generous anonymous donor committed to matching Give STL Day donations up to $20,000, and so by reaching $20,000 in donations, we were able to reach our goal! 

What was Cornerstone’s strategy to achieve this goal?
Cornerstone worked to build a team of 100 Cornerstone Ambassadors for Give STL Day. Each Cornerstone Ambassador committed to securing at least 5 gifts of any amount. The Ambassador Team was made up of FoCC, Governing Board, and Celebration Committee members as well as Cornerstone parents, staff, volunteers, donors, and friends. With 500 gifts, we were confident that we would be able to raise $20,000, secure the match, and reach our goal of $40,000. To become an Ambassador, all they had to do was create their own campaign. Click here for more information.

What did Give STL Day donations support?
All funds raised on Give STL Day went directly towards: (1) continuing to provide basic necessities (diapers, wipes, formula, food, and more) to Cornerstone families who need them during our facility’s closure; (2) continuing to provide tuition assistance and relief to families experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19; (3) continuing to provide our teachers and staff wages and benefits during this time of uncertainty; and (4) making sure that Cornerstone remains financially healthy and able to continue supporting families and children when this situation does pass.

How can I support Cornerstone Center after the event?
Donations can be made via our website.

Questions? Contact Dani Smith at (636) 484-2500 or


Thank you to our Cornerstone Ambassadors!